About Us

Venad Academy is formed under the aegis of  WHRDE, we  provides educational opportunities using distance and open learning methods to persons who wish to study and quality for a better tomorrow. The mission of  Venad Academy  is to provide education for all with special concern for girls & Women, rural youth, working people, SC/ST challenged & other Disadvantaged groups. We try to create a foundation  for students to excel in the career of their choice and to fulfill their dreams. We trained to acquire the quality and confidence required to understand and solve problems in day-to  day operations. In these days of globalization and fast-paced technological advances, every individual wants to be the best. To achieve professional and personal goals in life, everyone has to achieve specialized education that gives him/her the cutting edge to perform better. Venad academy train and groom students to get employed with much advanced skills required to work anywhere in the world.